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Section: Medical Information Systems  (MIS)

  The Diagnostic Process
    Understanding Diagnosis
    Defining Valid Process Quality Targets
    Prof. Dr. F. Vanstapel

  Application of K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm on Breast Cancer Diagnosis Problem
    Manish Sarkar and Tze-Yun Leong
    Medical Computing Laboratory

  Image Mining for Establishing Medical Diagnosis
    Anca Loredana Ion, Stefan Cristinel Udristoiu
    University of Craiova, Bvd. Decebal, Nr. 107

  Automatic ObjectPascal Code Generation from Catalysis Specifications
    João Luís C de Moraes; Antonio F do Prado

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General Information & Standard Formats (FAQ)

The goal of this FAQ is to facilitate access to medical images stored on digital imaging modalities such as CT and MR scanners, and their accompanying descriptive information. The document is designed particularly for those who do not have access to the necessary proprietary tools or descriptions, particularly in those moments when inspiration strikes and one just can't wait for the local sales person to track down the necessary authority and go through the cycle of correspondence necessary to get a non-disclosure agreement in place, by which time interest in the project has usually faded, and another great research opportunity has passed. It may also be helpful for those keen to experiment with home-grown PACS-like systems using their existing equipment, and also for those who still have equipment that is still useful but so old even the host computer vendor doesn't support it any more.


Free Radiology Software - PACS, RIS, DICOM

- (DOS, Macintosh, Windows and Unix) Free tool for viewing, analyzing, and registering volumetric medical imaging data sets. It's been developed using GTK+/GNOME, and runs on any system that supports the toolkit.

DICOM 2 - (Windows and Unix) a free command-line driven program which allows you to convert medical images and DICOM files to various other formats, while optionally performing some rudimentary image processing tasks.

DICOM 3 Tools - Tools and libraries for handling offline files of DICOM 3 attributes, and conversion of proprietary formats to DICOM 3. Can handle older ACR/NEMA format data, and some proprietary versions of that such as SPI.

DICOM Works - (Windows) Free PC based DICOM viewer and converter with many options and features.

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