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BS-NGIT is a conceptual, hybrid, fourth generation Net Organizer.

All elements that built up the system are a natural continuation of the ideas implemented in
Thor, Vilas, Pandora and ECO-I.


The main purpose of the Net Organizer is to allow fast control over the used internet applications and the network resources.
The program gives a variety of functions whose purpose is to maximally optimize the processes that go with the end user`s work.
The system modules can be used from specialists as well as from students in the process of their education.

Application area:

Net Organizer is meant for a large variety of users with different levels of professional qualification.

It is an irreplaceable tool in the everyday activity of everyone that works with site optimization, internet advertisements, independent developers etc.

The computer security specialists can use it for analysis and tracing.

The system administrators will highly appreciate the advantages that BS-NGIT gives them. The preparation of reports and precise time analysis is a little part from the set of functions, that stand as an alternative for the already recognized console commands..
The users will easily be able to perform actions for which specialized preparation and knowledge are otherwise required.

The use for these products, united by Net Organizer is especially big for the so called “independent experts”. Here we can include bloggers, journalists, sociology experts, media analysts and all others that are directly connected with the ever growing dynamic of the internet processes.

BS-NGI gives the opportunity to printed and electronic media, that have a relatively small budget, to be equal to the big informational agencies, in terms of fast access and information distribution.

Another, principally new aspect of applying Net Organizer is the capability of creating user interest based data bases. Practically the possibilities in this case are limitless for the small as well as for the big business enterprises, as well as for the corporate users and the media industry.


Hardware and software requirements:

    - Windowsฎ NT X/2000, XP, Vista, Win7 System
    - 512 MB RAM Memory
    - 24 Bit High Color recommended
    - Modem/ISDN or ADSL Adapter
    - 20 MB Hard Disk Space
    - MS-Internet Explorer Browser 8.0/9.x (System Extension)
    - TCP/IP Protocol


The product is conditionally free. It can be used independently or as an element from the set of products, included in the content of the Net Organizer.

All registered users who have bought the product, receive free support for one year.

New Generation Internet Tools

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