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BS Gold is an interesting, lightweight and easy to use internet browser with some extra features. As you may know, the internet browsers market is dominated by several powerful browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. However, some developers are focusing in creating alternative browsers, browsers powerful enough to "fight" against these powerful applications.

The secret is to release an internet browser that provides a unique feature, something different and something better. BS Gold is doing that and during this short review we are going to see why BS Gold can be better than a popular internet browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

First of all, BS Gold is completely free, lightweight (less than 3MByte of hard drive space) and low resources consumer. Unlike Mozilla Firefox for instance, BS Gold will use less than 1% of your system resources.

BS Gold is also extremely fast. Based on your internet connection, BS Gold needs between one and 5 seconds to load a webpage.

As for unique features, BS Gold enables you to view a webpage full screen mode which takes full advantage of your monitor settings. The full screen mode removes all unnecessarily tabs, browsing sections, bars and so on and it displays only the webpage content. You can read articles, watch videos, view images or browse the internet taking full advantages of your monitor capabilities.

Another interesting BS Gold aspect is its "famous websites" library. With a single click, the user can gain access to websites like,,,,,,, and so on. Of course, BS Gold enables you to add your own favorite websites and manage this library based on your personal needs.

Using a simple browsing system, the user can scroll back and forward and view multiple pages with just a single click (the same system is used by Adobe Reader to browse pages in full screen).

Overall, BS Gold is a great internet browser, a browser which definitely deservers a shot. It is completely free so you can test it and try it for as long as you want. Besides that, BS Gold won't mess with your default browser and it won't try to replace that browser as your main internet browsing tool.

Why is BS Gold famous?

 BS Gold is famous because it is an interesting, lightweight and easy to use internet browser with some extra features.

BS Gold has been granted the Famous Software Award

  The Famous Software Award has been initiated to recognize "Famous Software", which come up with innovative and efficient ways to reflect the best relationship with users assuring their satisfaction.

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